Trinity Lutheran School is doing great things for taste, nutrition, and student involvement by…holding student taste-tests, encouraging healthy eating habits, hosting celebrity servers, honoring National & International Food Days, and gathering school families for Christmas dinner.

Trinity participates in the National School Lunch Program and follows the USDA Regulations and Guideline requirements.  Trinity Lutheran School is an equal opportunity provider.

Lunch Date with your student? Absolutely!

Contact the School Office by 8:30am the morning of your lunch date. Our Hot Lunch crew can then prepare a lunch for you!  You may pay for your lunch via your family hot lunch account or in the School Office. Adult meals are $4.65 per person, siblings 3rd grade and under are $3.10, 4th-8th graders are $3.25.

Follow the Trinity Lutheran School Cafe’ Facebook page for updates to the menu, health tips, pictures of meals, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Free/Reduced School Meals Free/Reduced Letter

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School Lunch Menu - September 2022

School Lunch Menu - October 2022