Global Missions

Trinity Lutheran Church and School provides annual support to global missions whose focus is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in under-served communities through mission fieldwork.

Groundwork Guatemala seeks to take the Living Word, Jesus Christ, to the lost of Guatemala and equip the found for a life of service to their Savior. This work to the under-served in Guatemala City and surrounding areas is accomplished through mission trips, as well as stationary missionaries positioned in Guatemala. Anyone interested in organizing a mission trip through Groundwork Guatemala should contact the Church Office. 

Mission India’s goal is to reach the 400 million people in India who have never heard about Jesus – India is the most unreached nation on earth. This is primarily achieved through church planting, as well as establishing adult literacy classes and children’s Bible clubs.

In addition, Trinity provides support to multiple global missions as donor-restricted contributions, including but not limited to Lutheran Bible Translators and Lutheran Word Relief.