Coffee Hour is organized by the Fellowship and Public Relations (FPR) Committee, but hosted by different groups or families within the congregation. The weekly fellowship opportunity is a great way for members to interact together and with visitors. 

Hosting is a great way to get to know some of your fellow church members and greet visitors with a warm smile. Hosts are responsible for pouring coffee and lemonade, and replenishing breakfast treats. Some hosts choose to bring in homemade treats, whereas others rely on standard bakery items furnished by Fellowship and PR. 

Coffee Hour takes place on Sundays in the Lounge from 9am-9:30am and from 10:30am-10:45am.

Host Coffee Hour (online form to

Name of hosting group (i.e., Smith Family, Day School Ministry)

Number of people hosting

Phone #


  • We will bring treats (15 dozen), but please make coffee/lemonade
  • Please have all of the food/drinks on site when we arrive to host

WAYFINDING TIP: The Lounge is located through Door #1 of the Courtyard Entrance behind the building, just up the Lobby stairs to the left. Elevator and stair access is available from the ground level.