Trinity Lutheran Church and School is represented by a multi-generational congregation. Our goal is to use whatever means we have available to communicate to our congregation, staff, school families and the general public in the most effective way so that we may share what happens within our walls and beyond them. We believe that items of interest should be communicated not only often, but also in meaningful ways.

Weekly Announcements (commonly referred to as the Yellow Sheet), the school’s weekly flier called the Homebound and the monthly newsletter called the Trinity Connection” are printed on a prescribed basis. These are also available digitally on the website, and they can be emailed upon request.

Paper mailings are rare, but they are used to communicate items that we feel are very important. Some items, per our governance, must be communicated via mailing. The best way to insure that you receive these important notifications is to update your information in the Member Portal. Please note that the Member Portal does NOT interface with our email platform – updating your email in the Member Portal will not insure that you receive email communication (see below).

Trinity closures, which are usually weather-related, are reported through two local news channels: WAOW, Channel 9 and WSAW, NewsChannel 7. Closures are reported for church services, as well as school and childcare closings.





Pre-service slideshows are used to communicate with members and visitors who are present in church services. We encourage you to attend worship services faithfully, and to arrive a few minutes early for fellowship and to view the pre-service slides.

Trinity uses Constant Contact as an email platform to communicate up-to-date information for church, school and childcare.