Elementary Athletics

Trinity Lutheran School Wausau WI

The Trinity Lutheran School athletics program offers a wide variety of sports and activities for children in grades 4-8. Coached by parents, community volunteers, or Trinity teachers, all of whom serve as positive Christian role models.

Athletic teams practice at school and compete against area parochial schools. Trinity Elementary School students have opportunities to participate in soccer, basketball and volleyball. Not only do the students learn fundamentals of the sports they compete in, but they are also exposed to and play in games and tournaments with other parochial schools in the area. This is a great introduction to team sports!

ALL Trinity LuthSoccer 2 Athleticseran School students are encouraged to be spectators and cheer on their fellow Trinity Eagles!

Go! Eagles! Go!

WAYFINDING TIP: The Gymnasium is located at Door #5 at the south end of the Courtyard Parking Lot behind the building at ground level.

Athletic Handbook is available on the For Parents page