Trinity Lutheran School participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP), which allows eligible students who reside in Wisconsin to attend our school tuition-free. Our school, on behalf of the parent or guardian, receives a state-aid payment for each eligible student. Trinity has participated in the program since 2014.

Enrollment in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program is open February 1 through April 18, 2024.

Eligibility: Student eligibility is determined based on their family’s residence, income, and the student’s prior-year school attendance.

Residence: All students must provide documentation showing they live in the state of Wisconsin.

Prior-year school attendance: Students applying for a voucher must meet one of the following prior-year attendance Requirements:

  • Attended a public school the previous school year
  • Was not enrolled in school the previous school year or was homeschooled
  • Attended a private school the previous school year (Trinity Lutheran School or a different private school) and is entering grades 4K, kindergarten, first or ninth in the current school year
  • Participated in the WPCP the previous school year

Income: To qualify for a voucher, a new student must have a family income that meets certain criteria. The thresholds can be found on the Department of Public Instruction website here.

Payment of Allowable Fees:  A Choice student cannot be charged fees for registration or application to the Choice program, books, teacher salaries, buildings, maintenance, equipment, or computers. A private school may charge a Choice student reasonable fees for certain personal use items.

 Special Education Services: A Choice school may not discriminate against a student with special needs during the admissions process or elsewhere. However, as a private school, the Choice school is only required to offer those services to assist students with special needs that it can provide with minor adjustments. Parents should contact the public school district in which the private school is located for more information on the services provided to students with special needs enrolled in the public schools and the lesser services that school district provides to those students enrolled in private schools.

Once a student is accepted into the program, they can participate through 8th grade graduation at Trinity Lutheran School, provided they continue to meet the residency requirements. Students continuing in the program are not required to provide income documentation.

More information and the application can be found HERE.

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