The purpose of the Day School Ministry Board is to:

  1. Ensure that the Trinity Lutheran Church’s Constitution and By-laws are followed at all times and in all circumstances.
    Establish the educational policies and objectives for TLS and constantly monitor how the objectives are being met by the school program.
  2. Act on recommendations of the Principal/faculty concerning implementation and changes in curriculum, the use and acquisition of teaching materials, teacher assignments, and any other matters related to the operation of TLS.
  3. Be responsible for the spiritual, emotional, and physical welfare of the Principal, teaching staff and their families.
    Monitor the financial aspects concerning the school and develop financial programs and policies for consideration and recommendations to TLC for action.
  4. Promote the enrollment of all children of the Congregation and promote the school as a mission outreach to the community.
  5. Recommend to the Congregational Assembly the names of principal or teacher candidates for call and the names of teacher candidates for initiating, renewing, or terminating a contract.
  6. Report to the Day School Ministry and the Congregational Assembly the disbursement of scholarship funds.

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