Elementary School Technology

Trinity Elementary School is blessed with state-of-the-art technological upgrades. We believe that technology should enhance the student environment. Technology use is carefully supervised and regularly evaluated to promote focused and orderly learning. Security is a top priority for our students, families and staff. Trinity is vigilant about online safety, filters and blocks.

The Computer Lab is equipped with over 25 laptops, for students to research in a classroom environment. The laptops are uploaded with various Math, Reading and Spelling applications.

Trinity has a traveling iPad cart equipped with 25 devices used by classes and/or individuals for individualized learning, practice, and projects. iPad use begins as early as Kindergarten, and iPads are introduced slowly according to grade level.

New to Elementary School in 2022-23, 3th grade has 1:1 Chromebooks as well as the upper grade levels

All classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards. The boards are interactive and useful with various online curriculum programs. Elementary level students enjoy the direct touch interaction with the board – in fact, 6 children can work on the board at one time! The board goes beyond the typical smart-board with enhanced features that interface with the curriculum at Trinity. This creates an engaging learning experience for Elementary level students.