Elementary School Spiritual Growth

Trinity Lutheran School is a Christ-centered parochial school. All classrooms focus on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with daily pledges, devotions, prayers and Bible studies.

Trinity has special worship services celebrating Veterans Day, First & Last Day of School, Christmas and National Lutheran Schools Week.

Students begin singing in School Choir as early as 4K to teach the basics of Music Education. Regardless of membership, School Choirs sing periodically throughout the years at Trinity church services and receive a participation grade.

Chapel services are planned and led by the students, Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am, with different grades each week. Elementary students who lead chapel services experience more responsibility in the planning stages as they grow in age. Services are held in our Upper Sanctuary or Spiritual Life Center (SLC), and the messages are led by our Trinity leaders or guest pastors from the area. During the chapel services we recognize Baptism Birthdays, and the students are given a gift to remind them to whom they belong. Offerings received at chapel services support various mission projects and the students are kept informed about the mission and what their gifts will accomplish with God’s blessing.

Children at each grade level are assigned “Chapel Buddies” and “Chapel Families.” Children in levels K4-4 experience guidance from older students during chapel services and other events throughout the year. The Chapel Family system allows families to develop relationships over the course of a child’s tenure at Trinity.

In the Spring, Trinity students present Family Fine Arts Night. This is an evening full of art and music with refreshments provided. It is a time where families can view and celebrate the hard work their students have put in over the course of the school year.