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Since 1908, Trinity Lutheran School has provided Christian education for children. Today, we serve pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary and middle school students. In partnership with families, we meet each child’s needs and educate for intellect as well as character, values and Christ-centered faith. As an accredited school with competitive academics, parents can be confident their child is receiving a quality education from a leader among Lutheran schools. In addition, Trinity Lutheran School is proud to participate in the Wisconsin Parental School Choice Program.

Trinity Childcare

Trinity Childcare serves infants through age 5 with Christ-centered childcare services. We provide a safe, supportive environment where the whole child can develop and flourish, as well as Before and After School Care and Summer Care through age 12.

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Trinity Elementary School

Trinity Elementary School is an excellent option for families who prefer a Christian school for children in 4-year-old kindergarten through grade 5, as well as Before and After School Care on site. At Trinity Elementary School, children have the opportunity to build a firm foundation of faith, friendships and confidence that prepare them for adolescence.

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Trinity Middle School

The middle school years can be difficult for maturing kids. Trinity Middle School provides a supportive environment built on a foundation of faith, where grade 6-8 students can succeed and gain independence. These years are critical, and Trinity Middle School is there to assist in a formation of faith that equips students to tackle an ever-changing world from a faith-based perspective.

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