Trinity Lutheran Church and School has been a part of the Wausau landscape since 1908. In 2006, Trinity began offering daily childcare for children ages 2 to 5. Trinity Childcare opened with 6 children and 2 teachers. A second classroom was opened in 2007 to accommodate the addition of children 6 weeks to two years old. Since then we have grown in so many ways.

Today, Trinity Lutheran School operates 6 classrooms, offering care for children from 6 weeks on, including wrap around care and summer care for our school aged students. We employ more than 20 qualified childcare providers. We offer assistance for our employees to continue to learn and grow both in education and in their faith. Through these supported training programs we are able to ensure our staff meet the standards provided by the department of public instruction for their educational needs. We also offer training to support a strong foundation in Christ, so we can continue connecting children and families with a changeless Christ in an ever-changing world.