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Third Sunday After Pentecost—Proper 6

“Reconciled by Death”

Rev. James L. Mayland

7:30am & 9am Sunday, June 18, 2023 in the Upper Sanctuary

Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Wausau, Wisconsin

As We Gather  We begin the long, green season of Sundays after Pentecost by acknowledging the apostolic ministry whereby the authoritative Word of God is delivered to the world. Fundamental to faith in the Word is the understanding of our sin and the love of God for all. Through the apostle Paul, we are given this understanding—sin is an inherited disease from which no one is exempt as descendants of Adam. Even greater, however, is to understand and believe that forgiveness of sin and eternal life come to all who hear and believe the Gospel call to repentance. By Baptism we receive forgiveness and the righteousness of Christ our Savior. God’s Word continue to be proclaimed to this day. Thank God for the ministry and His ministers who open to us the way of saving faith.




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