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Andrew (Andy) Kline is from Greenville, Wisconsin, where his father works as a pastor and his mother as a counselor. He graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin (where his father, mother, and sister all graduated) with a degree in Elementary Education with minors in math and theology.

Andy’s interests (outside of education) come in many different forms. First and foremost, he is an avid Scooby Doo fan. He follows sports, specifically the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and (sadly) Buffalo Sabres. Andy played soccer the majority of his life and worked as the CUW Men’s Soccer team manager in college. He has participated in theater since 5th grade. And though generally below average at video games, he was the 2-year reigning CUW Mariokart Wii tournament champion.

Ministry has always been a part of Andy’s life. Obviously, this is the hope for a Christian, but he has seen it very close up, as he has two parents heavily involved in the ministry and always attended Lutheran schools. He has seen the impact of a Christian education on the lives of numerous young men and women. He wanted to be a part of that inspiration. And we are so glad God has led Andy to Trinity to do it!