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 Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Rev. Timothy D. Smith

7:30am & 9am Sunday, October 8, 2023 in the Sanctuary

Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Wausau, Wisconsin

             Like a building, we have a foundation stone on which we rest, a cornerstone on which we build, a capstone that holds it all together. Christ is each of those stones—the foundation on which our faith is established, the cornerstone on which our faith is built, and the capstone that holds us up. He is also a stone of stumbling. Those who reject His foundation, His cornerstone, and His capstone are broken into pieces in the day of judgment. All of this is revealed in the surprise of a parable about a master who built a vineyard, planted the vines, and set it out for tenants to produce the wine. Instead, they conspired to keep the vineyard as their own, rejected those whom the master sent, and killed his son. This is the story of Jesus and of the people of God that He had chosen and created to be His vineyard. It is a story of warning, but it is also a story of grace.


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