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Fifth Sunday After Pentecost


Rev. James L. Mayland

7:30am & 9am Sunday, July 2, 2023 in the Upper Sanctuary

Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Wausau, Wisconsin

As We Gather  In the popular show Dirty Jobs, host Mike Rowe would involve himself for a time with a job that would be considered dirty and often downright messy. It was entertaining for the viewer to watch but also caused the audience to wonder if they could do a job like that. As people called, gathered, and enlightened by the Holy Spirit and made God’s own, He has given us a job. It may not be considered dirty, but it is difficult. The job is to live as His people, to serve as His witnesses, to testify to His truth, and to follow Him where He leads. As hearers, we then wonder, “Can I do a job like that?” It would be tough for His disciples then, and remains tough for us today. But even in those jobs we are privileged to have as His people, we don’t go it alone. Jesus has done the dirty work in this world for us through His perfect life and sacrificial death on the cross leading to His victorious resurrection. Because of that, He goes with us wherever He places us to do His work for the sake of others now and for the sake of His kingdom to come.


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