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Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
“The Law’s Fulfillment”
Rev. Timothy D. Smith
7:30am & 9am Sunday, February 5, 2023 in the Upper Sanctuary
Trinity Lutheran Church & School
Wausau, Wisconsin

FOCUS: The Epiphany season continues to illuminate the miracle of Christmas shining its light forward to the goal and purpose of Christ’s coming to us in the flesh. That purpose is the salvation of the world through the forgiveness of our sins. That forgiveness can and will happen only through the sacrifice on Christ’s cross. As often as we Christians have heard this Gospel and believe it, however, the more often we tend to forget that this knowledge, this faith, remains a hidden mystery to the world, which ignores, rejects, or explains away “Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” Many really
don’t get it! Yet, here through the Divine Word and Sacraments, God the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life, enlightens minds and hearts to a spiritual epiphany.

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